Irena Davidovic

Irena Davidovic

Senior Property Manager

I’ve been with Axis Property since 2010 but my real estate career started in the 90s first as a receptionist, then as an assistant residential property manager and finally as property manager.

Prior to joining Axis I served with another well-regarded agency for nine years. But having worked with Daniel at Axis now, I’m so glad I’m here. Daniel is a really great boss!

If you ask me what hard work is, I’d say, “Cleaning my house.” I find my job at Axis a breeze. That’s because providing exceptional customer service comes naturally to me, as does the management of residential and commercial properties.

The most important part of my job is developing long and successful relationships with my customers; that and providing my landlords and their tenants with the highest standards of service possible.

Being proactive is a very important part of my job.

I live in the Port Phillip area. And along with my husband and three beautiful boys, I enjoy cycling and swimming. I even have four years of study in veterinary science under my belt.

What’s been my favourite place to travel? – Santorini, the Greek island. When I was 17 I went for two weeks and stayed three months! Being young and having no responsibilities… 

What’s my favourite thing to cook? – Piroske. We all absolutely love it.