March 18, 2019

Land Tax 2019 - The big SHOCK!

Land Tax to be revalued annually:

Most property owners have received their Land Tax Assessments in 2019 and after the initial shock of the substantial increase, owners are scratching their heads trying to understand how their land tax assessment has increased by up to 60-90%.

New changes to Land Tax means that your property will be valued annually from 2019, previously it was revalued biannually (i.e. every two years) and is dependant on what land you own, what it is...


November 10, 2017

A seminar of stellar success!

On Friday 27 October, Axis Property hosted its inaugural seminar ‘THE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MARKET – 2018 & BEYOND’. With over 150 attendees and two expert guest speakers, our event was a stellar success.  

Held at the Caulfield Bowling Club, our seminar helped commercial property owners and investors better understand the dynamic market of today.

After a warm opening by our Managing Director, Daniel Liberman, we welcomed Scott Keck, Chairman of Charter Keck Cramer and our first guest speaker, to the stand.



September 20, 2017

Axis goes global with Corfac International

Introducing CORFAC – an invitation-only network that connects independent commercial property agents all over the world. And we’re proud to announce its newest member: Axis Property.

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or lease commercial property outside Australia, then Axis can now provide you with the best contacts for your transaction. With over 80 offices globally, it’s one of the greatest real estate networks in the world.

As a CORFAC member, we can also...


June 19, 2017

We scratched our seven year itch!

Here at Axis Property, we just celebrated our 7th birthday. That’s seven years of helping commercial property buyers and owners make the most of the market. From sales and property management to lease renewals and rent collection, we’ve been keeping very busy indeed.

But instead of partying, we were busy packing and moving to our new office. That’s right. We’ve moved on and up again.

We’d been on the hunt for a new office space for some time. And we’re pleased to...


June 19, 2017

Insurance - Are you adequately covered?

‘It would never happen to me!’ – famous last words of a commercial property owner 

Fire, flood, storm, car accident or vandalism – what would happen if your commercial property is suddenly damaged? Or worse, destroyed? How confident are you that your current building insurance policy would give you the financial compensation you’re entitled to?

Sure, the likelihood of these types of accidents may be small. But if they do occur – and your insurance policy is either inadequate or non-existent –...


June 19, 2017

Q&A with Daniel: The Melbourne Property Market

Here at Axis Property, we get asked a lot of questions. So this month, our fearless leader Daniel Liberman is going to answer the hot topic across everyone’s lips – the Melbourne property market.

Is the Melbourne property market finally slowing down?

Not at all. In fact, the market is going from strength to strength. Property values are on the rise and demand is at an all-time high. 

This continued growth is evident across the board – with buyers from all sectors...