June 19, 2017

Q&A with Daniel: The Melbourne Property Market

Here at Axis Property, we get asked a lot of questions. So this month, our fearless leader Daniel Liberman is going to answer the hot topic across everyone’s lips – the Melbourne property market.

Is the Melbourne property market finally slowing down?

Not at all. In fact, the market is going from strength to strength. Property values are on the rise and demand is at an all-time high. 

This continued growth is evident across the board – with buyers from all sectors and categories looking to take advantage of the low interest rate environment. 

Why the growth?

Right now, Melbournians are ravenous for property. And this is exacerbated by the limited supply hitting the market. Investors, developers and owner-occupiers – you name it, everyone wants it!

Simply put, we’re witnessing an insatiable appetite that cannot be satisfied.  

So how should we respond?

At Axis Property, we’re seeing a lot of property investors ‘cash-in’ with astounding results.

For example, we recently sold a development site in Hawthorn Road Caulfield that had been in the same family for 40 years. It was bought by a developer off-market for over $4.2 million.

Furthermore, just last week, we sold a two-storey shop in High Street Armadale for $3 million – representing a yield of 3%. This is typical of the return investors are now achieving. And we have more buyers ready to purchase.

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