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shutterstock_348448955.jpgFrom burden to breakthrough: Axis Property saves the day!

Axis is one of Melbourne’s leading commercial property consultancies in sales and leasing. But we specialise in property management too – which was lucky for one landlord who was in desperate need of our help.   

This client owns a newly built property in St Kilda. At the time, it was being managed by another real estate agency.  

There were four tenants occupying the retail premises – two of which were consistently late in paying their rent. But who could blame them? Their invoices were riddled with mistakes every month and the managing agent was apathetic about fixing them.

Many of the property’s outgoings (such as council and water rates) were being billed incorrectly – sometimes with GST, sometimes without. This made reconciliations a nightmare. 

So as you can imagine, the landlord and tenants were forced to double and triple check everything all the time. Everyone was frustrated. Relationships were tense.

That’s when we stepped in.

At Axis Property, we believe that a property should be a vehicle for retirement and wealth creation – not endless headache and burden. That’s why we manage our clients’ properties diligently and attentively. We have a no-tolerance approach to errors. And we go to great lengths to keep relationships among all parties strong and intact.

As the newly appointed managing agent, we got to work straight away. We addressed all the inconsistencies and made the necessary reconciliations and adjustments on the landlord’s behalf.

We also repaired the relationship between the landlord and his late-paying tenants – ensuring obligations were clear and realistic on both sides.  

Now our client’s property is securely leased. And the numbers add up!

If the management of your property is not up to scratch, contact Axis Property today or call (03) 9523 7888.


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