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Whilst we most definitely can help in leasing out your property, the real question arises: what about the next step – what as a landlord do you plan to do?

Many landlords believe that managing their own properties saves money. At Axis Property, we’ve been in the market long enough to know that the opposite is true.

In fact, we believe that when it comes to being a lessor, the most successful landlords are those who have the ability to “set and forget”. Why?

Because being a landlord is a complex affair. In fact, when it comes to property management, we have a saying:

“At Axis Property we’re not property managers – we’re people managers.”

That’s because being a landlord is about managing expectations. It’s definitely about managing the premises – but it’s also about managing the tenant and even you, the lessor.

Doing so requires:

  • Time – plenty of it 24/7
  • An understanding of myriad laws
  • The ability to be objective when making decisions

    Many landlords fail to recognize the enormity of this challenge: especially the need for objectivity when it comes to tenants, where returns on investment are often flushed away.

    It’s why Axis Property boasts a highly experienced Property Management team that daily, looks after an extensive leasing portfolio that includes the properties of small and large investors, top 500 individuals and public corporations.

    How prepared are you for example, to manage the requirements of Essential Safety Measures legislation as applies to your property (ESM)? 

    • Do you know whether your property is ESM compliant? Do you know how to submit your annual ESM report? Do you keep logbooks on your premises? Do you keep records of inspections, trades work and their certifications? Are you aware of regulations regarding safety? Do you know who is responsible for your property’s maintenance? Are you familiar with disclosure statements? Are you prepared for council and fire inspection visits – and their potential for fines?

     What about insurance?

    • Is your property adequately covered? Have you correctly estimated the cost to rebuild in the event of disaster? What is your indemnity period for loss of rental income? Do you have your own public liability cover? Are you insured for fire and extraneous perils?

    Our Property Management team will assist or steer you in the right direction regarding each of these issues and more.

    At Axis Property we’re available every day, every night, weekday, weekend or public holiday for any emergencies that arise. We’re in contact with fully insured, quick-response tradespeople and can arrange quotes for larger jobs on your behalf.

    Storms and floods affected many of our clients these past years; we assisted them all.

    Our Property Management services include:

    • Rent and outgoings collection
    • Tenant checks and selection
    • Market and rent reviews
    • Lease transfers
    • Lease option renewals
    • Condition reports
    • Maintenance
    • Arrears procedures
    • Solicitor liaison
    • Essential Safety Measures
    • Legal compliance

    We believe that your property investment should be a vehicle for your wealth and retirement, not headaches.

    Why would you consider managing a property yourself when our Property Management team can give you more than just the expertise you require – but your time and peace of mind back as well?

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