Edmond Yeong

Edmond Yeong

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Edmond has spent a number of years working in the property industry; marketing residential properties for lease and sale.  He is well versed in four different languages and this coupled with his determination and friendly demeaner has assisted him in closing many deals.

Edmond joins the team at Axis Property as a Sales & Leasing consultant and is excited by the diversity and the opportunity to strengthen his knowledge in the industry. He has a strong work ethic and goes the extra mile to achieve the best possible outcome. With a Bachelor degree in Commerce, Accounting and Finance. Edmond has studied abroad and in Australia and uses these skills to assist his clients.

Outside of Real Estate Edmond is passionate about his soccer team Manchester United and enjoys a regular game of futsal and badminton and also has a keen interest in the martial art of  jiu-jitsu. 

Edmond is well travelled and his favourite destination would be Iceland, Reykjavik. He describes seeing the Northern Lights as a once in a lifetime experience.