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Axis Property is a premium real estate agency that specialises in the selling and leasing of industrial property in Melbourne, including South-East Melbourne and Melbourne CBD. Led by our Director, Daniel Liberman, our team comprises of the most talented industrial real estate agents in Victoria, who are always ready to help our clients lease or purchase industrial properties that align with their expectations and business needs.

Finding industrial property in the Melbourne CBD or South-East Melbourne that aligns with your selection criteria can be challenging. We are methodical and thorough in vetting industrial properties before proposing them to you.

Unlike residential properties or commercial office spaces, industrial properties are often very unique, and they need to be considered carefully when purchasing or leasing, otherwise you could be left with a bad investment.

We know Melbourne real estate like the back of our hand. We have an in-depth understanding of local, federal, state and council industry-specific legislations, ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects, leasing and tenant terms, and environmental policies. By being abreast of all necessary information, we can provide you with all relevant details and assist you in making an informed decision.

Location is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing or leasing an industrial property. This alongside connectivity to road and rail networks, availability and condition of utility infrastructures like water supply, drainage, electricity and their costs, are equally as important to ensure a smooth transition moving forward.

When it comes to purchasing undeveloped land for industrial purposes, Axis Property is uniquely positioned to assess potential merits and pitfalls and advise accordingly. We always consider the environmental aspects of developing property specific to the nature of its intended industry. Any undeveloped land that we offer is assessed and vetted by environmental experts.

Town planning and zoning is constantly changing. While these changes are aimed at improving the quality of life in the neighbourhood, purchasing or leasing an industrial property without understanding existing and planned changes can put your investment at risk moving forward.

We also assist in understanding and negotiating leasing and tenancy terms and provide information on existing and new developments. Our expansive portfolio of industrial real estate listed above is vetted by our agents against any litigation and contention.

We understand that factories and warehouses all have unique and specific requirements including high power lines, access to artery roads, freeways, and container access, among others. Axis Property will collaborate with you closely to understand any of your specific needs and ensure that the industrial property you lease, or purchase is exactly what you need.

South-East Melbourne is one Australia’s largest industrial hubs and the largest provider of manufacturing jobs in the country. Along with that, St. Kilda, Caulfield, Elsternwick and Glenhuntly are also gaining popularity as industrial hubs establishing new factories and warehouses or expanding current ones.

As an end-to-end property management company in Melbourne, we work with you from property selection, negotiating lease or sale terms, all the way to managing the property. We sell, lease and manage, no matter the nature of your property.

If you have unique industrial property requirements but aren’t finding a match in the listings above, get in touch with us now by giving us a call, or using our contact form, and we will help to find you the industrial property that will suit your needs.