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And if you think that sounds easy, remember that the property market is anything but stable whether you’re selling, buying or leasing.
It’s why Axis Property has tripled in size today from an initial staff of four.
What’s secured our success is the knowledge that the sales and leasing methodologies of years gone by no longer apply. As a market player, you need to be prepared for its dynamics. At Axis Property, we are.
Managing director Daniel Liberman, leads Axis Property with the philosophy: “Never Give Up.”
To Daniel, client satisfaction comes from honesty, reliability, rolling up the team’s sleeves and thinking smarter than the rest.
It’s what gives us our highly sought after listings, and our ability to transact in months when multi-national agencies have failed to do so after half a year.
At Axis Property, our knowhow enables customers to cut through the media hype when markets are talked up or down. Meaning that, whether you’re looking for a place to run a business, have outgrown your current premises or are seeking to build a commercial property portfolio – our Sales and Leasing team is equipped to serve.
We’ll work with you through the myriad questions involved in buying, selling and leasing commercial property. These can include:

  • What’s the perfect location for my business or investment?
  • What floor size and facilities do I require?
  • What represents value that fits my investment budget?
  • What’s a property’s income and expenditure trend?
  • What are other buildings in the area selling for?
  • What rent should I set based on size and similar leasing?

At Axis Property, we believe that you should never face these issues alone.
Are you a “Rehab” Investor – one who wishes to buy low, fix up, and then bring a property to full occupancy with low vacancy rates? Are you a “Management” Investor – one who seeks to increase cash flow from a property by improving the way it’s managed? Are you a “Hold” Investor – one who seeks to purchase a property when its rental rates are low and then wait for its value to rise?
We can help you with each of these strategies – and your residential property needs too.
We pride ourselves on customer loyalty, the referrals we receive and the trust shown through repeat business.
Which is why, despite the many challenges the economy has thrown around, Axis Property has thrived.
It’s a testament to our core values, the quality of what we do and our ability to perform as promised.
Our sales and leasing services extend across the following market sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Investment
  • Residential
  • Development 

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