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Commercial Real Estate Armadale


Armadale is long regarded as one of Melbourne’s top suburbs and is considered a premier blue-chip area within the capital city. This makes the suburb of Armadale one of the most highly sought-after areas in the Melbourne commercial real estate market. The main thoroughfare of Armadale is lined with high-end fashion boutiques, hair salons, cafes and restaurants. As one of the leading commercial real estate agencies in Melbourne, we are well versed in the Armadale commercial real estate market. We can negotiate the best deals for our clients who are looking to buy or lease commercial property in Armadale. 

In this beautiful suburban area, families and businesses co-exist to bring life to the streets of Armadale. A place where modern meets Victorian, and an array of beautiful old-fashioned buildings meet contemporary designs across a huge range of commercial properties. Whether you are looking for a retail front, shop or office location, everyone wants to get their hands on a piece of the suburban paradise within the Armadale commercial property market. The options are endless, so why not search for the right commercial property within Armadale, with our team.

Only a short proximity to the heart of Melbourne, Armadale is located only 7kms southeast of the Melbourne CBD. Armadale is surrounded by other great neighbourhoods including being in short proximity to St. Kilda beach. To the north of Armadale is the well-known suburb of Toorak, while to the south is Caulfield. To the east is Malvern, and Armadale shares its west border with Prahran, and St. Kilda East.

If you lease, invest or buy a unique commercial property in Armadale you can easily travel to the CBD, to the beach or explore the local areas quickly and without fuss, due to the extensive train and tram access. There’s always a hub of business activity in Armadale, so there has never been a better suburb to find your perfect piece of commercial real estate.

Not only is Armadale home to a range of amazing commercial properties, including storefronts and offices, but also nestled within the suburbs are amazing suburban outdoor parks and gardens. Beautiful parks, such as Union Street Gardens and the Armadale Reserve, with hundreds of people visiting the suburb daily, you’ll never fail to be surrounded by the amazing atmosphere that Armadale brings.

Whether you are looking for commercial property in Armadale along the hubs of High Street, Kooyong Road, Malvern Road or Wattletree Road or you are searching for commercial real estate in one of the quieter streets, we are certain we can find you the perfect Armadale location for your business. Armadale is full of great commercial property options that will suit the needs and budget of your business. We can find you the best deals in Armadale, so get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial property needs.