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Commercial Real Estate Malvern


Malvern is one of Melbourne’s most desirable south-eastern suburbs with plenty of character. This suburb is also famous among investors when it comes to commercial real estate options. Investors are attracted to the steady growth of the properties here. Whether you are looking to buy, rent or lease commercial real estate in Malvern, it’s an excellent decision. As the top industrial and commercial real estate agency in Melbourne, we have assembled the best options for commercial real estate in Malvern, all in a single place. We are ready to help you find the perfect commercial real estate option to invest, buy or lease in Malvern.

Both the environment and community in Malvern is welcoming and has a homely feel. Even if you are shifting here away from another commercial space for your business establishment, you will immediately feel connected to this suburb. It is in very close proximity to the city and is well connected to Melbourne CBD and neighbouring suburbs. Malvern train station is the key to the people of Malvern being easily connected to the surrounding areas; there are also three tram routes and buses available that will take you around and out of Malvern easily.

The prestigious suburb of Malvern is just 9 km away from the Melbourne CBD, nestled in between the premium suburbs of Toorak and Armadale. With tons of boutiques, grocery stores, hairdressers, restaurants, and anything you can think of. Glenferrie Road in Malvern is identical to Chapel street in aesthetic and atmosphere. You can also easily find antique and bridal stores along the prized High Street. Just to add to all of this, St Kilda beach is also super close if you need a midweek break, or just the feeling of the sea air on your face.

Malvern has maintained its natural glory by restoring period buildings, and at the same time, having new modern designed architecture built across the suburb. The blend of classic and contemporary have reached perfection in this suburb. Commercial real estate owners have enjoyed capital gains over the years, and this pattern is encouraging to new investors looking to invest, buy or lease commercial real estate in Malvern.

Our team at Axis Property are experienced and trustworthy; we can help you find your dream piece of commercial real estate in Malvern. If you are looking to buy commercial property, rent or lease, get in touch today and allow us to give you a better understanding of commercial real estate in Malvern. We have the latest information about the prices, amenities, and real estate listings of commercial real estate in Malvern. You can easily browse through the available Malvern commercial real estate for rent, sale and lease.