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Commercial Real Estate St. Kilda


As one of the most renowned and iconic Melbourne suburbs, commercial real estate in St. Kilda and St. Kilda east is one of the most sought-after commodities. With the mix of beautiful beaches and fine dining, people from all walks of life are always looking to lease and buy commercial real estate in St. Kilda. St. Kilda has been an established and popular suburb for quite some time, which is why as one of the leading commercial real estate agencies in Melbourne, we are well versed in the St. Kilda commercial real estate market.

In beachside St. Kilda, families, beachgoers, and businesses all converge on the Esplanade and beautiful views of the bay can be seen everywhere. A place where modern dwellings meet boom-time mansions and iconic buildings, the area is known for the historic sea baths, Luna Park’s eye-catching location, fine dining restaurants and old European cake shops. Everyone will find something to enjoy about St. Kilda, which is precisely what makes it such a popular commercial real estate location. Whether you are looking for a retail space, shop, or office location, everyone wants to get their hands on a little piece of paradise within the St. Kilda commercial property market.

The heart of St. Kilda is only located a mere 6km southeast from Melbourne’s CBD. Surrounded by other beautiful suburbs, St. Kilda shares its west border with the beautiful beach and bay, which means phenomenal views from this side of town. While to the east of St. Kilda east is Malvern, with Elwood and Ripponlea to the south and Middle Park and Windsor to the north.

If you lease, rent or buy commercial real estate in St. Kilda and St. Kilda East, you will have easy access to the beach, the CBD, and everything the great suburb of St. Kilda has to offer through the extensive tram and train systems that run through the area. With regular events and popular destinations, there has never been a better suburb to find your perfect commercial property in.

St. Kilda is home to unique commercial real estate options, from storefronts on shopping strips to offices overlooking the bay. Nestled within the busy suburb and its fantastic beach and park areas, you couldn’t ask for a better location.

Whether you are looking for commercial real estate in St. Kilda along the busier street of Barkly Street, Grey Street, Marine Parade or The Esplanade, or the quieter street throughout the suburb, we can help you find the perfect location for your business. We can help you find the best commercial real estate deals in St. Kilda, so get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial property needs.

St. Kilda is a great location, full of endless commercial real estate options that will suit your businesses needs and budget.