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Commercial Real Estate Abbotsford


As commercial real estate continues to grow across Victoria, investors’ are flocking to the inner-city for a healthy return. Specifically, Abbotsford is where investors have seen safe and consistent growth. The suburb has managed to deliver a strong and consistent growth in property value as opposed to some of its industrial neighbours across the Yarra.

As one of Melbourne’s premier industrial and commercial real estate agencies, we have sold, leased and manage a number of properties in Abbotsford, including some of the most prominent commercial real estate in Abbotsford.

Abbotsford is in the heart of the action and just 2km Northeast of Melbourne CBD. It has Collingwood, Richmond and Clifton Hill as its neighbouring suburbs with easy and direct access to each. This has been an understated suburb for some time and has finally attracted enough people to live and work in the area to warrant regular investment.

This inner-city suburb has two parts – on the one hand, the hustle and bustle of Hoddle Street; on the other hand, the beautiful Studley Park to relax in. Add to that the cosy cafes and restaurants, the suburb offers a true inner-city lifestyle with the leafy charm of suburbia and is one of the reasons why commercial property investors are attracted to it.

Abbotsford is extremely well serviced by public transport. This includes: trams, buses and two train stations with regular services for each. The multiple public transport options for travelling in and around the suburb are convenient and require less reliance on a personal vehicle. Other amenities includes: universities, medical stores, supermarkets, hairdressers, gyms and art spaces.

In essence, Abbotsford is an excellent suburb to buy commercial property in. We have a large portfolio of managed properties that provide desirable outcomes for tenants, security for landlords and strong yields for investors.  The retail stores, office spaces, and commercial lands are available to buy, lease and rent for incredibly low prices given the profitability of established businesses in the area with similar arrangements.  It is worth noting the commercial real estate market in Abbotsford will continue its high-growth trajectory with a raft of development projects lined up for the coming years.

Whether you want to buy, rent or lease commercial real estate in Abbotsford, it is crucial to have the correct information about the suburb. We at Axis Property can help you find exactly what you are looking for. The market data and suburb information we have will help you make an informed decision. Give us a call, and we will give you more details about commercial real estate in Abbotsford.