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Commercial Real Estate Bentleigh


Commercial real estate has been booming across Melbourne, and Bentleigh has become one of the prominent suburbs where business and individuals are looking to invest – commercial real estate growth in Bentleigh is steady, safe, and is one of Melbourne’s most liveable areas. It is also popularly known as a bayside jewel of Melbourne. As one of Melbourne’s top industrial and commercial real estate agencies, we have listed the best commercial real estate options in Bentleigh, for our clients.

Bentleigh is a suburb in Melbourne, located just 13 kilometres from the CBD bordered by McKinnon, Brighton East and Hampton East and is named after the infamous Victorian politician, Thomas Bent. The suburb is easily accessible through major highways, and a huge range of public transport options such as trains, trams and buses. Bentleigh has two train stations that offer easy access to Melbourne city, making it a prime location for investors looking for commercial property.

Bentleigh has given property investors a consistent gain over the past few years and is looking to continue this trend in the future. Looking at the building architecture, you will see a mix of both traditional and modern styles – with a mix of old school industrialised style and contemporary buildings, this adds to the beauty of Bentleigh. This blend allows all types of people to enjoy this suburb, no matter what style you are looking for.

Bentleigh is equipped with compatible amenities, including educational institutions, restaurants, fashion stores, medical services, bookstores, hairdressers, and supermarkets. Apart from this, there is also a weekly market next to the train station. The dazzling shores of Port Phillip Bay are also just a few minutes away – the perfect place to unwind. Bentleigh is home to a range of open green spaces, including gardens and parks. If you are looking for a safe and vibrant suburb to start your business, you should invest, lease or buy commercial real estate in Bentleigh.

Bentleigh is currently preparing for future development that will be ready in the coming years, making this suburb even more sought after by commercial property investors. Which is why experts suggest this is the perfect time to invest, buy or lease commercial real estate in Bentleigh. Office space, retail stores, medical buildings, or commercial land – you are some options you can profitably lease, buy or rent in Bentleigh.

When buying commercial property, property investors need to gather information to get the best deals around Bentleigh. We, at Axis Property, have made Bentleigh commercial real estate sales easier for you. Contact us today to discover the best commercial properties in Bentleigh to meet your business requirements. Access all the valuable information and resources to make the correct decision.