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Commercial Real Estate Collingwood


As Melbourne’s commercial property market continues to grow, many neighbouring suburbs to the CBD now provide boundless potential for investors and business owners. Known for its historical buildings, artisan shops and heavy foot traffic, Collingwood is one of the most iconic suburbs in Melbourne. It’s also one of Melbourne’s major nightlife and retail strips which make it a fruitful suburb to invest in commercial property.

Investors have experienced steady growth in Collingwood for some time and one of the significant reasons is the commercial property here is still affordable. Being one of the top industrial and commercial real estate agencies in Melbourne, we have listed the best commercial real estate in Collingwood for our clients. 

Collingwood is a suburb located 3km northeast of Melbourne CBD and is encircled by Smith Street, Alexandra Parade, Hoddle Street and Victoria Parade. Some of the suburbs surrounding Collingwood are Clifton Hill, Abbotsford, and Fitzroy. This Victorian suburb is ranked 23rd best suburb by Melbourne locals. The size of Collingwood is 1.3 square kilometres approx. 

Being one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs with many 19th century buildings still operational, Collingwood has successfully adapted to gentrification whilst retaining its heritage.  The population in Collingwood is fairly dense, and its infrastructures are thriving thus making it a fertile ground for commercial real estate investment. The suburb is equipped with all the necessary amenities like renowned educational institutions, clothing stores, supermarkets, health stores, book stores, and parks. 

Collingwood is home to a variety of restaurants and eateries– from pop-up cafes to Michelin star dining. The nightlife is bustling with an array of different bars, pubs, and clubs – perfect for working people to unwind on the weekends. Collingwood is one of the most convenient spots to achieve a healthy work/life balance and is extremely well-serviced by trams and buses, and trains (from the nearby Abbotsford station). 

Collingwood is very welcoming for business owners and innovators, offering a lively market of potential customers to build upon.  This suburb is not hampered by new development projects but instead benefits from the value they can add. Whether it’s commercial buildings for retail stores or office spaces, you have a great scope for profit if you lease, buy or rent in Collingwood.

Whether you are looking to buy, rent, or lease commercial property in Collingwood, it is essential to know every little detail about the suburb. We at Axis Property have gathered all the relevant data to assist in making a confident decision. Get in touch with us today to find out the best commercial properties in Collingwood that match your business needs.