Michelle Liberman

HR - Office Support

I joined Axis Property in 2011 to assist with the growth of our business. I hold a bachelor of education degree and after seventeen years in the classroom, running a busy office isn’t all that different.

It’s all about engaging people whether were talking the staff, tradespeople, tenants or landlords. I love the interaction I receive from people and the challenges that assisting people with their property needs brings.

Axis Property is about our people: their dedication and determination to achieve good results. We’re a vibrant and positive team.

If you ask me what “negotiating” means, well it happens everyday in life. And whether it’s your kids or someone you don’t know, what makes it rewarding is when you achieve an outcome that everyone is satisfied with.

What’s been my favourite place to travel? – Israel. I’m not religious but it’s the most incredible, spiritual place I’ve ever experienced. In one country, you can witness so many religious encounters; it just blows your mind.

What’s my favourite thing to cook? – I don’t get to cook all that often but I’ve just started baking challah egg loaf. And it’s so yum.

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Commercial Property Manager

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